Monday, March 4, 2013

South Carolina May Expand Access to Digital K12 Materials

The South Carolina Senate is looking at increasing access to digital instruction materials by enabling school districts to "purchase the digital equivalent of a textbook" as well as "support equipment" from vendors approved by the state.

Currently, South Carolina school districts request texts from a list approved by the State Board of Education.  Then, the Education Department buys the text and any digital licenses and loans them to the district.

A bill under consideration would provide some flexibility by allowing districts to buy or license materials not on the approved list.  The catch, of course, is that the districts would have to cover the expense themselves and couldn't rely on the state for funds to purchase any materials not on the approved list.

Teachers and superintendents generally favor the bill.  They want the flexibility as well as additional digital offerings. 

It's a start.

Digital instructional materials are more up to date and more in line with how kids learn.

Expanding access to high quality digital instructional materials can only help South Carolina students. 

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